What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
If you’ve ever used a search engine like Google, then you already know the basics of SEM.  When a user conducts a search, they enter specific keywords into the search engine, and the search engine spits out a list of related websites.  The highest rated websites appear at the top of the first search engine results page (SERP), while the others are buried much further down. 

With SEM, websites are able to appeal to the search engine’s standards in order to appear higher in the search results.  With a superior position comes greater visibility and credibility, leading to better traffic and more leads.

SEM is broken down into three parts.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables website to appear higher in the search results, improving your ability to drive organic traffic to your site.  Pay-per-Click (PPC) will allow your organization to place ads on the front page of Google to give your site a quick traffic boost.  Landing Page Optimization (LPO) will improve the visual quality of your landing page in order to dramatically increase conversions.  All of these services will help you generate traffic and leads by increasing your visibility and credibility. 

Why use SEM?
Let me ask you a question; when you use a search engine, how often do you click on links from the ninth page?  If you’re like most people, then you almost never make it that far.  Most web users find what they’re looking for before they even leave the first page.  In fact, the first three links receive more than 62% of total clicks for any given search.  The total number of clicks decreases drastically after the first page. 

If your camp’s website is buried deep within the search results, beneath other camp websites that are using SEO, then it isn’t receiving the traffic it needs to thrive.  Your organization is competing with dozens, or even hundreds, of camp websites to connect with campers in your area.  Without the visibility gained from an SEM campaign, it’s unlikely that these potential campers will make it to your site, and you will not receive a sustainable flow of quality leads. 


To make an impact, you need to use SEM to rise to the top of the search results.  Contact us now to see how we can help you improve your visibility, increase your traffic and enhance your conversion rate.